Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Music Scheduling 2.2

Music Scheduling helps you to easily and quickly create audio playlists.

Unlike the shuffle feature found in many audio applications, you can set the spacing between artists and songs, create rules and more, resulting in a professionally created playlist.

The software can save you a significant amount of time – instead of spending hours putting together a playlist, you can have a playlist within a few seconds.

  • Set spacing between the same artists, years and more.
  • Identify similar artists (e.g. ensuring Robbie Williams and Take That are treated as the same artist when creating a playlist).
  • Set the sequence/rotation of playlist items.
  • Schedule items to be added at particular intervals.
  • Set and enforce rules for your playlists (e.g. A lists, etc.)
  • Create HTML or text versions of your playlists for copying and pasting into blogs, websites, etc.

Ideal for creating off air playlists, putting together songs for a show, creating a music playlist for public areas/waiting rooms, clubs and more.

Playlists can be created for Library Player, and other audio/playout applications that support the PLS or M3U playlist file formats.

Version  2.2 includes minor improvements and bug fixes, including the option to create HTML/text playlists and further improvements to printing. A full list can be found in the product documentation.

Available for Windows and Linux.
Price: £85 per computer.
Includes 6 months product support/updates.

A free no obligation trial is available to download.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

PittStop 3.2

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PittStop helps you "reach the finish line" by managing and organising your tasks, projects and lists of things to do.

Features include:
  • Prioritise tasks, assign days/deadlines and update the current task status.
  • Split tasks into projects and categories.
  • Assign tasks to staff/team members.
  • Import existing tasks from CSV and text files.
  • View tasks per project, by day, an overall list of tasks or per staff member.
  • Archive past projects and staff members.
  • Search and filter tasks depending on their status, category and deadline.

Version 3.2 can now include notes for each task, view tasks in the Calendar between assigned days and deadlines and improvements to viewing tasks from archived projects. A full list of improvements can be found in the product documentation.

Price: £120 per computer
Includes 12 months product support/updates.

A free 28 day trial is available.

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Additional support services (including development of bespoke versions) are available - e-mail to discuss your requirements.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Library Player 4

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Library Player is a professional audio playout application, aimed primarily at broadcasters, podcasters and DJs. Features include...

  • Supports MP3, WAV and WMA files.
  • No need for an external database, simply tell the software where your tracks are stored and they are immediately available for use!
  • Easy to use and quick to learn.
  • Quickly search for audio tracks.
  • Mix and play multiple tracks at the same time.
  • Multiple sound cards/outputs.
  • Supports PLS and M3U file formats used by other applications.
  • Fader start using a sound cards joystick input.

Version 4 now supports multiple outputs, the option to clear played items from your playlist and displaying ID3v1 track info for track names. A full list of changes can be found in the product documentation.

Additional services are available for Library Player, including enhanced product support, bespoke versions (including the addition of additional outputs), on-site installation and training. E-mail to discuss your requirements.

Price: £120 per computer

The full Commercial Edition includes 12 months product support and updates. A free trial is available to download.

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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

MP3 List 4.1

 Purchase MP3 List Commercial Edition

MP3 List helps you save a list of your audio files as a text file or CSV file. In addition, the software includes options for printing file details, and some file management options.

MP3 List can save you time, and you can use the created lists to import data into databases, e-mail your music collection to friends/colleagues,  auditing your collection, manage your files, plus numerous other situations!

It includes...
  • Column editor to change the layout of your saved spreadsheet.
  • Various formatting options.
  • List files in folders and sub-folders.
  • Select which files in a folder to list.
  • List files modified within a range of dates.
Select the folder containing the files then click Save List to create your list!

Currently available for Windows and Linux.

Improvements in version 4.1
Version 4.1 adds support for WAV and WMA files, access the history of previous folders from the sidebar, optional Genre and File Modified Date/Time columns and various other improvements. A full can be found in the product documentation.

Price: £49.99 per computer

(This includes 12 months product support/updates, directly from the developer.)  A free trial is available to download.

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