Wednesday, 9 March 2016

PittStop 2.1

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PittStop helps you "reach the finish line" by managing and organising your tasks, projects and lists of things to do.

Features include:
  • Prioritise tasks, assign days/deadlines and update the current task status.
  • Split tasks into projects and categories.
  • Assign tasks to different staff/team members.
  • Import existing tasks from CSV and text files.
  • View tasks per project, by day, an overall list of tasks or per staff member.
  • Archive past projects and staff members.
  • Search and filter tasks depending on their status, category and deadline.

Version 2.1 includes improvements to the spacing of columns, displaying the full task description when putting the mouse pointer over a long description, filtering tasks for the current week and other minor improvements and bug fixes

Two editions of PittStop are available – the full version and a free Starter Edition.

Starter Edition

The Starter Edition can be used free of charge and for trying the software, and includes restrictions on the number of items, various settings disabled and no product support. You can upgrade to the full version (and therefore remove the restrictions) at any time.

Full Version

Price: £89.99 per computer

In addition to unlimited number of projects/tasks and support for SQL Server databases, the full v
ersion includes 24 months product support and updates.

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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Music Scheduling

Music Scheduling helps you to easily and quickly create audio playlists.

Unlike the shuffle feature found in many audio applications, you can set the spacing between artists and songs, create rules and more, resulting in a professionally created playlist.

The software can save you a significant amount of time – you can have a playlist within a few seconds without having to put the items together yourself. Just add the tracks you wish to make available for use in your playlist and then click Create Playlist to generate your new playlist!

  • Set spacing between the same artists, years and more.
  • Identify similar artists (e.g. ensuring Robbie Williams and Take That are treated as the same artist when creating a playlist).
  • Schedule items to be added at particular intervals.
  • Ensure tracks are played within every number of items (e.g. an A List of songs)

Playlists can be created for Library Player, and other audio/playout applications that support the PLS or M3U playlist file formats.

Ideal for creating off air playlists, putting together songs for a show, creating a music playlist for public areas/waiting rooms, clubs and more.

Available for Windows and Linux.
Price: £20 per computer.
Includes 3 months product support/updates.

A free, no obligation 90 day trial edition is available.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Member Manager

Member Manager helps you manage your membership, including subscriptions, different membership categories, contact details, events, assets, profiles and more.

Ideal for sports clubs, charities, groups and other organisations wishing to quickly and easily manage their members.

  • Quickly add, view, manage and update membership details.
  • Import existing data from CSV files.
  • Manage attendance for events, meetings and fundraisers.
  • Easily find and manage outstanding subscriptions, past member details and membership categories.
  • Store data on your own computer or server, no subscriptions or Internet access required.

Version 2 includes numerous improvements, including tabbed search results, attending status for events, improvements to importing, automatically generating membership numbers and other improvements. A more detailed list can be found in the product documentation.

Product Support

Product support and updates to any new version released during the support period is provided with the Silver (6 months) and Gold (24 months) editions.

Starter, Silver & Gold Editions

The free Starter Edition supports up to 10 members, and can be used for trialling the software.

The Silver Edition supports up to 100 members, and includes access to importing CSV files and events, plus 6 months product support/updates.

The Gold Edition includes all the features within the Silver edition, plus unlimited number of members and 24 months product support/updates.

£40 (Silver Edition – up to 100 members – 6 months support/updates)
£120 (Gold Edition – unlimited members – 24 months support/updates)
Free Starter Edition/trial available

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Pittman MusicDB 5

Price: Free, optional product support services available

What is Pittman MusicDB?

Pittman MusicDB helps you to catalogue your music tracks, including CDs, records, digital tracks and anything else you may have in your music collection!

Ideal for use by broadcasters, home use and any other situation requiring professional music catalogue software. It includes:
  • Highlight tracks you are interested in.
  • Import data from CD info on the web, MP3 files and CSV files.
  • Catalogue tracks for multiple stations/music collections.
  • Print search results.
  • Easily find recently added tracks.
  • Store your database on your desktop or a server.

Pittman MusicDB is available free of charge - no adverts, no spyware and no nasty surprises!  There is no need to activate the software and there is no expiry date.

Improvements in version 5:

Version 5 includes numerous improvements, including: alternative keywords when a search produces no results, find/locate option, changes to layout of printed documents, improved Statistics section and improvements to importing.  A full list of changes can be found within the application's documentation and help file.

Send any feedback (e.g. comments, suggestions, etc.) to

Download & Install

If you are using a previous version, we advise you to back up your database (you can use the option in the Data menu) – you do not need to uninstall the previous version.

You can download and use Pittman MusicDB free of charge for any purpose.

Monday, 2 November 2015

How to Develop Software

Whether you are interested in learning about how software is developed or interested in a career, this book will help you get started.

Illustrated with examples, and using a language with English-style statements, this book will help you start to understand the concepts and ideas involved with developing software.

Available to order on Amazon: