Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Books & Networking - October 2021

The first Books & Networking meeting will be going ahead next month...

Thursday 28th October, 10:30am-12:00pm

Provender House, 37 Waterloo Quay, Aberdeen

Books & Networking will be an opportunity to meet other business owners, share knowledge and discuss the books you are currently reading.

Originally planned for last year, and postponed due to lockdowns, and now going ahead as restrictions ease.

All social distancing/COVID guidelines will be followed.

Spaces are limited so booking is essential!

Get your ticket from EventBrite at:

Saturday, 7 August 2021

Can I help your work or business as lockdown eases?

As restrictions and lockdowns ease - can I help you, your work or business?

If I can help in any way, please do not hesitate to connect with me on LinkedIn, send me an e-mail to discuss further or browse this website and explore the resources, books and tools available to help you.

Simon Pittman
Business Owner & Book Author

Wednesday, 28 July 2021

PittRecipes - all your recipes in one place!

Click here to download PittRecipes for free!

Love to bake at home?

Lots of recipes and notes everywhere?

Started baking during lockdown, or inspired by Bake Off?

Wish you could save your recipes on your laptop, so they are easy to refer to?

Screenshot of main PittRecipes software window
Stock photo of flour and butter
PittRecipes with options to display different columns in the ingredients list

Then PittRecipes is for you!

Keep all your recipes in one place, where they can be easily accessed without any hassle.

Ideal for home bakers. Save time trying to find the recipes you use among your notes, books and websites - save them on your computer, and focus on bringing your kitchen creations to life.

No need to find those scribbled notes or the right book.

Take your laptop into the kitchen and easily refer to the recipes.

Convert different weights rather then have to search the web for conversions from cups to grams!

PittRecipes displaying ingredient information, including converted weight measurements
Stock photo of kitchen scales
PittRecipes with option to change ingredient quantities

Created in 2020 following the increased interet in home baking during lockdown, the software continues to be developed and improved.

Click here to download PittRecipes for free!
New version now available! Improvements include changing ingredient quantities (e.g. for making more then one batch of baking), columns for converted weight measurements, options to customise colour theme and titlebar caption and changing the sort order of ingredients!

PittRecipes is available free of charge – no adverts, no expiry dates, no registrations and you don't even need to provide an e-mail address.

Currently available for Windows desktop and laptop computers - if there is enough interest we may look at making PittRecipes available for other systems in the future!

Click here to download PittRecipes for free!
Click here to download a version of PittRecipes you can use without installing (e.g. for running from a USB disk).

Like PittRecipes? Found PittRecipes valuable in saving your recipes in one place? You can buy the developer a coffee at:

Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Member Manager 2022

Diagram showing how Member Manager is an alternative to paper or spreadsheets for those who can't use a CRM

Still use paper or home brewed spreadsheets for your club or charity membership?

Can't move to a full web-based system or CRM?

Effectively manage your charity, club, society or sports team membership with Member Manager. A great alternative to keeping your details on paper or a home brewed spreadsheet!

Save your Membership Secretary a lot of time and hassle - so you can focus on your organisation's main goals and objectives.

Main Member Manager window with search results, highlighting different categories of membership.
Stock photo of a team meeting
Member Manager displaying a list of different membership categories

Uses Windows security, user accounts and permissions to ensure your membership data is secure.

Can help you ensure compliance to data protection laws (including GDPR) - easily update, archive or remove members details, ensure data is up-to-date and keep your data in an application designed for that purpose!

How can Member Manager help your club or charity?

  • Save time on admin and focus on your main goals and objectives.
  • Monitor the success of recruitment campaigns by keeping track of how members heard about and joined your organisation. 
  • Find and manage outstanding subscriptions and fee payments.
  • Manage events, meetings and fundraisers including delegates and ticket sales.
  • Different categories of membership (e.g. honorary members, associate membership, etc.)
  • Keep track of any organisation property (e.g. keys, documents, etc.) issued to members.
  • Import your existing membership and event data from CSV files. 
  • Export search results and membership information to CSV file for use in other applications.
  • Details of next of kin details, so you can find emergency contacts for members.
  • Easily keep a record of different duties, training/certification, etc. for members by setting up different profiles.
  • Uses Windows user accounts, security and permissions to keep your membership data secure.

Main Member Manager window with a list of membership sources/how members heard of the organisation.
Stock photo of someone using a computer
Search results with next of kin details for a member

Member Manager runs on your desktop - no need for constant Internet access, and no subscriptions - once you purchase Member Manager, you can use the software forever!

Try Member Manager for free for one month - no obligations, no spyware and no need to register/provide an e-mail address to download!

Member Manager's Events window
Stock photo of a team meeting
Member Manager with results of a keyword search where first name and surname appear in different fields

What's new in the 2022 release?

The 2022 release (version 3.2) includes options to keep track of Next of Kin details, a version of the software you can try without installing, new button icons, improvements to help (including options to display help for different sections of the software), options to search across different fields (e.g. typing in a first name and surname at the same time), information on how Member Manager can secure your membership data and various minor improvements.

Member Manager search results displaying details for an individual member.
Stock photo of someone writing on a sheet of paper
Member Manager main screen and search results window

Price: £99 per computer!

Includes 3 months product support (direct from the developer), and updates to any new version of Member Manager released during that time.

We are happy to discuss site or bulk licensing for your organisation.

Our prices are comparable to other leading membership applications, and there are no subscriptions.

We can also help with:

  • Transferring your existing data across.
  • Extended product support.
  • Installation and setting up.
Member Manager logo and button to join free Facebook group

Click here to join our free Member Manager Plus Facebook - help & support for your charity beyond the software!

Contact to discuss further.

Membership details with option to modify a fee payment
Stock photo of someone using a laptop

Try Member Manager for free for 1 month!

Get started and download a free one month trial of Member Manager.

There are no obligations, no spyware, and you don't need to register or give us your e-mail address. Download your free trial and see how Member Manager can make a difference!

Additional downloads:

If you have any questions or would like more information, e-mail: