Wednesday 17 July 2024

Available for freelance web work!

Looking for help with your WordPress website?

Updates or changes needed for your website?

Finding the technical side of your website a hassle?

Problems with your website, or something you don't have time to do yourself?

I'm available for freelance web work!

Whether it's problems with your website that need fixing, or a large project.

Happy to consider...

  • Large projects.
  • Small projects and fixes.
  • Fixing a few issues.
  • Ongoing maintenance/support.
15+ years experience (I've even written a book on WordPress!)

I often work with sole traders, self employed and one-person businesses - and a lot of my work is fixing problems with existing websites and making changes.

Ensuring your website is running smoothly, so you have peace of mind and can focus on your business.

Contact me to discuss further - my e-mail address is

Simon Pittman
17th July 2024

Tuesday 28 May 2024

Monthly Website Maintenance

 Do you...

  • Struggle to manage your website?
  • Find looking after updates and backups overwhelming?
  • Not have time to deal with the technical aspects?
  • Frustrated with fixing technical issues with your website?
  • Need peace of mind that your website is always running smoothly?
  • Looking for someone to provide technical support and answers to your questions?
I offer a caretaker service as a monthly subscription!

I'll look after the technical side of your website - providing you with peace of mind, so you can focus on your content and business.

I'll take care of...
  • Ensuring your website is backed up regularly.
  • Install updates.
  • Provide you with technical support.
  • Resolving any problems you may have with your website, and answering any questions about your website you may have.
(Just like a caretaker of a building will ensure everything is working, sort out any repairs, although not responsible for any major changes or building work!)

Providing you (and your business) with peace of mind!

Saving you time, hassle, and potentially money.

15+ years experience working in IT, software and websites.

Ideal for...
  • Self employed.
  • Sole traders.
  • Small business owners.
Only £55 per month (or £660 per year).
No long-term contracts - cancel anytime!

A subscription can work out more cost effective then paying an hourly rate when you encounter problems with your website, or require additional help.

This price takes into consideration that during some months, there may be a lot of work and issues, while at other times, there may not be much to do.

Contact me to discuss further, and to set up: 

Saturday 7 October 2023

Plan for 2024 with PittStop

Purchase Commercial Edition

Planning your tasks, goals and projects for 2024?

Struggle to prioritise, keep track and complete the work you need to do?

Working from home and looking to get your work organised?

Looking for an alternative to paper notes and to-do lists?

PittStop helps you reach the finish line - manage your tasks, to-do lists, goals and plans for 2024!

Planning software - without having to commit to a subscription! Run on your PC or laptop, so there are no subscriptions (the software is a one-off purchase) and you don't need constant Internet access.

Save paper - plan and keep track of your daily, weekly and monthly tasks with PittStop - track progress, set priorities, deadlines and plan ahead.

A great alternative to cloud software.

No subscriptions and you don't need constant Internet access to use the software.

Have your tasks ready and available on your desktop, laptop or local area network! Fast, efficient and you don't need to remember passwords or renew subscriptions.

Get your work done much more quickly, ensure your most important tasks are carried out and easily delegate tasks to team members. Whether you are a sole trader or a medium sized business, PittStop can help make your work much more efficient and save you time.

The 2024 release includes minor improvements and bug fixes. The 2022 release included new options for breaking larger tasks down into smaller tasks, a version you can try without installing and a new "welcome screen" to make the software easier to use.

Easily import your existing tasks from CSV or text files – we can also help with transferring existing data across and setting up PittStop - e-mail

Getting started is quick and simple – install the software, launch PittStop and click "Add Task" to add your first task! 

Price: £125 per computer.
No subscriptions - download a free trial, and if you like the software, it's a one-off purchase.

Purchase Commercial Edition
Sort tasks into different projects and categories, archiving past projects and team members, filter the task list to display specific tasks and options to view tasks by project, by date, for each team member or as an overall list.

Download your FREE one month trial!

No obligations - you don't even need to register or give us an e-mail address. Discover how PittStop can help you be much more efficient and organised.

Price: £125.00 per computer – try for free for one month.
Includes 3 months product support (direct from the developer - no chatbots, and no copy/paste answers)

No subscriptions - you can use the versions of PittStop you have purchased, even after the support period ends (for comparison, if you include the support period, the price is the equivalent of £41.67 per month).

We are happy to discuss site or bulk licensing for your organisation.

Our prices are comparable to other leading planning applications, and there are no subscriptions.

Tuesday 8 August 2023

Can I help you, your work or business?

Can I help you, your work or business?

I'm the author of 7 books, and create a range of software products.

My software products have no subscriptions - download free trials, and if you like the software, they are one-off purchases.


Also available for freelance web work - including small fixes, ongoing maintenance and large projects.

Contact me to discuss further (e-mail, connect on LinkedIn or browse this website and explore the resources, books and tools available to help you.

Simon Pittman
Business Owner & Book Author