Monday 26 March 2012

Denon DN-C635 CD Players

  • Opens/closes the CD player door so that you can put a CD in the CD player.
  • The CD players have been set up so if you press the Open/Close button while a track is playing, the CD will not eject.

  • When you put a CD in the CD player, track 1 will be selected.
  • If you want to select another track, move the track knob (which is beside the Pause button) round to select the track you want.

  • Plays the currently selected track.
  • Note that you can start the track from the mixing desk.

  • Stops the currently playing track and returns to the start of the track, ready to be played.
  • For example, if you are checking the track using the PFL button, you can then press the Cue button so the track is ready to be played on air.

  • Pauses the currently playing track.
  • If you pause a track and you resume playing, when you press the Cue button, the track will return to the point that you paused it rather then the start of the track.

  • Stops the currently selected track.
  • If you use the Stop button, no track will be selected. If you want to stop a track, it is recommended that you use the Cue button instead.

Play Mode
  • Changes the play mode.
  • If the play mode is “Single”, only the currently selected track will be played.
  • If the play mode is “Continuous”, then once the current track has finished playing, the next track will start playing.

  • Changes between displaying the time remaining and time elapsed in the time display.

End Mon
  • Plays the last 20 seconds of the song.
  • This is useful for checking how the song ends.

  • With some CD’s, you can use this button to change between displaying the artist, track title and track length.

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