Wednesday 21 March 2012

Kiosk Systems

Are you looking to provide Internet access to your customers?

If you are running, or plan to run, a cyber cafe, community library, community centre or anywhere else providing Internet access to members of the public, let us help with...

Software - identifying, installing and setting up software that is secure and easy to use, even by those without any computer skills.

Desktops - ensuring customers access only the applications and files you want them to, and that each desktop is standardised.


Branding - nothing looks more professional then a desktop, logon screen or home page with your company name and logo.

Rules & Web Filtering - ensure customers can only access the web pages they are meant to access and prevent changes to settings.

Acceptable Use Policies

Training - we can design and provide training for staff to ensure they know how to manage the new systems and support customers.

For further information, and to discuss your requirements, e-mail