Saturday 2 June 2012

Technical Fault Log

It can often be difficult to get your staff to report IT, technical or any other faults, or your support staff find themselves innundated with reports.

Our technical fault log, provided as part of our Intranet site package, provides an ideal solution, with the following advantages:

  • Provide a common solution for staff to report faults.
  • Your support team can update the log when the fault is repaired.
  • E-mails your support team when faults are reported and resolved.
  • Outstanding faults always remain at the top of the list.

Its easy to use – simply click "Report a fault" then give the location, type of fault, a description and click the "Report Fault" button and the fault is reported and logged!

We can also tailor this and our other software packages for the requirements of your organisation, adding any features that you may require. If your organisation requires a more complex helpdesk/fault logging tool, then we can also integrate the Intranet site into our forthcoming helpdesk tool.

For further details, contact Simon Pittman by e-mail: