Monday 20 August 2012

Library Player - User Guide - Advanced Search

Advanced Search searches the ID3v1 information within MP3 files (which is also the information you see when you right click a track in the Library), and is slower then a normal search.

From the View menu select Advanced Search. This searches all tracks currently visible in the Library, and you may first get a warning if there is a lot of items.

Each track currently visible in the Library is searched and checked individually, therefore an Advanced Search will be slower then a normal search, especially if you have a lot of items in the Library.

You may find it quicker to carry out a normal search first to narrow down the items in the library, and then carry out an advanced search. For example, to retrieve all Take That songs from 1992, carry out a normal search for "Take That" and then use the Advanced Search option to search for the tracks from 1992