Wednesday 13 February 2019


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PittLaunch is an application launcher designed for those who are frustrated with the Windows 8/10 Start menu, and want to launch their favourite applications without messing around!

  • Reduce desktop clutter - add your favourite shortcuts under different categories and tabs.
  • Skip the adverts and Start menu clutter - includes a simple and classic style Start menu.
  • Using different versions of Windows on different computers? Use PittLaunch on each computer, and provide a quick and consistent way of launching your favourite applications.
  • Launch your applications the way YOU want to launch them! PittLaunch is highly customisable - whether you want to have a different background picture in each tab, or launch shortcuts by single clicking, you can set PittLaunch to behave the way you want it to!
  • All your applications in one place! Don't go looking through endless menus or a desktop full of icons.
  • Getting started is really simple - just drag and drop items into PittLaunch to create shortcuts, or import items from the Windows Start menu.

A free 31 day trial is available - no obligations, no spyware and no nasty surprises - we won't even ask for your e-mail address!

You can find out more information, plus hints, tips and much more on the PittLaunch website:

Price: £19 per computer
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