Thursday 18 April 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Are products available as a subscription?
  • We currently do not offer subscriptions for our products.
  • All our products are available as one-off purchases - after purchase you can use the software you have purchased forever.
  • Purchases include product support, plus updates to any new version of the software released during that support period. You can continue using the software after the support period ends.

Can your software (particularly Member Manager and PittStop) provide online or remote access?
  • Our products run on the desktop, and remote access is not a feature built into the software.
  • There are options for accessing applications remotely using remote access software (e.g. LogMeIn or VNC) or a virtual private network (VPN).
  • To discuss your requirements further, contact Simon at:

How do I obtain the full version of your software?
  • Click the "Buy Now" buttons on the product page on this website, or from within the trial of your software.
  • This will take you to our secure Library Player store on Gumroad.
  • After purchase, you will immediately be sent activation details for the full version.

Can our software run on Mac OS, Android or Linux?
  • At present our software is available for Microsoft Windows systems.
  • We have previously made some of our products (e.g. Timing Clock, MP3 List and Music Scheduling) available for Linux - and may consider resuming development for these systems in the future.
  • If you require software to run on Mac OS or Linux, there may be options to get the software running on these systems, e.g. using an emulator, software such as Wine or setting up a virtual machine.
  • We are happy to discuss further - contact Simon Pittman at:

When I purchase products from your website, how do you use my personal details?
  • Software purchases are handled through our secure online store provided by Gumroad.
  • Gumroad handle payments, and your credit card details will only be used for the purchase and not shared with anyone else (even we won't see those details).
  • We do keep your contact details on file - this helps us provide product support, contact you with updates and verify that you own licenses for the software when you contact us. We are compliant with GDPR, and if you have any questions about the details we hold about you, you can contact Simon Pittman at:
  • When you purchase books by Simon Pittman from Amazon, we do not see any of your details - we won't even know its you that purchased a book - all we see are the amount sold and the location (e.g. EU, US or UK sales).