Monday 13 May 2019

Member Manager on your desktop

Still using paper or home brewed spreadsheets for your club, charity or group?

Member Manager can provide an effective alternative.

From ensuring compliance to GDPR to ensuring your membership details are always managed accurately, Member Manager contains all the features you'd expect.

Member Manager runs on the desktop

This ensures Member Manager can access your system resources, e.g. membership letters, and also makes it easier to use your membership data with mail merge, etc.

The main Member Manager window is small, so you can easily have it running alongside any other applications you are currently using, without it getting in your way.

No subscriptions, no forced upgrades

There are no subscriptions - once you purchase Member Manager, you can use the version you have purchased forever (plus any updates you receive as part of the purchase) - even after your product support period ends.

While we hope you upgrade to future releases of Member Manager, there are no forced upgrades - if you are happy using the current version, you only upgrade if you want to, and won't suddenly find all the features changed or moved around!

Admin logins and controlling access

You can control who has access to your membership data on your system, as Member Manager respects any file/sharing permissions you set for your database from within Windows.  There's also the advantage that you don't need to remember any additional passwords.

Remote access

We often get asked if Member Manager can provide remote access, or if we offer a hosted version. While we do not offer either of these, there are still options for accessing your data remotely, or sharing between committee members.

For example, Member Manager can export data to CSV files and print out information, so you only need to provide the membership information particular committee members need.

You can also use third party remote access applications (e.g. LogMeIn, VNC, etc.) or set up a virtual private network (VPN) to access your data remotely - we suggest contacting us or speaking to your IT provider to discuss further!

You may not want your data on the web

While cloud and online applications are great, you may not always want your membership data on the web. This could be for a range of reasons, for example you may not have reliable Internet access, or your members may have concerns about data being stored on the web.


We like to focus on delivering a stable product for you - and with Member Manager you can be up and running within minutes. There are options to import your existing data (and we can help if required).

We often find that desktop software can be just as easy to use (if not easier) then a lot of cloud based applications, and can often run much more quicker.

Contact us to discuss further

If you'd like to discuss your requirements further, including how Member Manager can help your group, contact Simon Pittman at:

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