Saturday 15 June 2019

Getting started with Music Scheduling part 4 - similar artists and track titles

From the “Similar Artists and Titles” section of the Music Scheduling software – you can identify similar artists or track titles, that you don't want to appear close together in your playlist.

For example, you may want solo tracks from former band members to be considered the same artist (e.g. Take That and Robbie Williams to be considered the same) and spaced apart accordingly.

It can also be used for track titles that are known by different names.

You can import similar artist/title information, and a sample file is available from our Download section.

You can add, modify or remove similar artists be using the buttons next to the list – you can also right click and double click (to modify) to access various options.

When you untick an item in the Similar Artist list, that item will be ignored when creating the playlist.

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