Friday 31 July 2020

MP3 List 2021

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When you need to save a list of audio file information to a CSV or text file, MP3 List can quickly and easily do this for you. In addition, the software includes options for printing your info, and managing your files.

MP3 List can save you a significant amount of time, and you can use the created lists to import data into databases, e-mail your music collection to friends/colleagues,  auditing your collection, manage your files, plus numerous other situations!

Options MP3 includes to help you include...
  • Change the layout of your saved spreadsheet with the column editor, ready for importing into a database.
  • Copy, move and rename your audio files directly within the software.
  • Various formatting options.
  • Filter/select particular files.
  • List files in folders and sub-folders.
  • Select which files in a folder to list.
  • List files modified within a range of dates.

You don't need to spend hours getting a list of music on your computer! You can open the saved files in any spreadsheet application or text editor.

Select the folder containing the files then click Save List to create your list!

Price: £35 per computer
Includes 3 months product support/updates, directly from the developer.

Significantly less then the cost of the time it would take to hire a contractor, or another member of staff to carry out this task for you!

Free 31 day trial available (you don't need to register or provide us with your e-mail address).

Click here for more information on the latest version of MP3 List!