Wednesday 28 July 2021

PittRecipes - all your recipes in one place!

Click here to download PittRecipes for free!

Love to bake at home?

Lots of recipes and notes everywhere?

Started baking during lockdown, or inspired by Bake Off?

Wish you could save your recipes on your laptop, so they are easy to refer to?

Screenshot of main PittRecipes software window
Stock photo of flour and butter
PittRecipes with options to display different columns in the ingredients list

Then PittRecipes is for you!

Keep all your recipes in one place, where they can be easily accessed without any hassle.

Ideal for home bakers. Save time trying to find the recipes you use among your notes, books and websites - save them on your computer, and focus on bringing your kitchen creations to life.

No need to find those scribbled notes or the right book.

Take your laptop into the kitchen and easily refer to the recipes.

Convert different weights rather then have to search the web for conversions from cups to grams!

PittRecipes displaying ingredient information, including converted weight measurements
Stock photo of kitchen scales
PittRecipes with option to change ingredient quantities

Created in 2020 following the increased interet in home baking during lockdown, the software continues to be developed and improved.

Click here to download PittRecipes for free!
New version now available! Improvements include changing ingredient quantities (e.g. for making more then one batch of baking), columns for converted weight measurements, options to customise colour theme and titlebar caption and changing the sort order of ingredients!

PittRecipes is available free of charge – no adverts, no expiry dates, no registrations and you don't even need to provide an e-mail address.

Currently available for Windows desktop and laptop computers - if there is enough interest we may look at making PittRecipes available for other systems in the future!

Click here to download PittRecipes for free!
Click here to download a version of PittRecipes you can use without installing (e.g. for running from a USB disk).

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