Friday 24 February 2023

PittComics - catalogue your comic book collection

Price: £25 per computer (free trial available)

Screenshot of Title Details tab in PittComics

Catalogue and organise your comic book collection.

PittComics helps you keep track of your comic book collection - create an inventory of what you have, search through your large comic book collection, find & manage what you have in your collection.

With a range of options including importing existing data, searching, and adding new title/issue info.

No subscriptions - download and try for free for one month, if you like the software, it's a one-off purchase!

Purchasers of the full version also receive 3 months product support via e-mail, plus updates to any new version of PittComics released during that time.

Product support is provided directly from the developer. No outsourced call centres or copy/paste responses - actual answers to any questions you may have!

As this is the first version of the software, PittComics will continue to be developed further - if there's anything you'd like to see in future versions, let us know! Remember that purchasing the full version also helps and encourages further development.

Import existing data across - or contact us if you'd like us to do this for you.

Screenshot of PittComics Everything tab, displaying entire comic book collection.

Make keeping track of what you have in your collection less overwhelming, and less of a hassle.

Search for items. Quickly find items in your collection.

Easily add any new titles (or relaunched titles) - and any new issues of existing titles.

Edit the list of publishers or add any additional formats.

Use the "Search Web" options if you'd like to search the web for more info on a title, or the creative team behind a particular issue.

Designed for the job - more accurate and efficient than using a home-made spreadsheet to catalogue your collection.

Screenshot of the main PittComics window, and the "Add Title" option.

Whether you have hundreds of comic books, thousands, or your collection keeps growing – PittComics will help you keep track of what you have!

No obligation trial - try for free for 31 days - no spyware, no nasty surprises, no obligations - we won't even ask for your e-mail address.

Price: £25 per computer.