Thursday 3 August 2023

Books & Action

Get the most from the business and personal development books you read!

So many people read non-fiction books, have an initial burst of inspiration, and don't do anything afterwards - often forgetting about the books they have just read.

Whether you want to take more action after reading business/personal development books, or looking to read more and unsure where to start - this book is for you!

Includes hints, tips and techniques to help you get the most from the books you read. Topics covered include...

  • Finding the right books for you.
  • Tips on purchasing and obtaining books.
  • Ways books can make a difference.
  • Ideas to try while reading.
  • Hints & tips to implement ideas and take action.
  • Next steps after reading a book.

Non-fiction books can make a difference - especially when you actually do something about it!

After reading this book, you'll have ideas that you can use to take action from the books you read, and gradually take your business forward.

Available in either paperback or Kindle.

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