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This disclaimer may seem very long, however most of the things here are common sense and similar to disclaimers you would find on other web sites.

Personal data

We do not require an e-mail address to download trial editions (or make any other attempts to get information about you), therefore no personal data is collected while you trial the product.

When you purchase products from us, we will keep basic contact information (name, address and e-mail address) to provide product support and for accounting purposes. You may view or request any data about you to be amended or removed at any time. No data we hold is shared with any third party.

Any concerns about your data or requests to view, review, remove or amend the information may be sent to simonpittman@libraryplayer.co.uk. We will be compliant to the data protection rules required by GDPR which took effect from 25 May 2018.


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Accuracy of information

Every attempt has been made to ensure that the documentation and information available from this web site is accurate. However Simon Pittman will not accept liability for any inaccurate or out-of-date information that may accidentally appear.


Please read the license agreements that appear during the installation of software available on this web site. By installing and using software available from this web site, either free to download, trial versions or purchased licenses, you state that you agree to the terms and conditions set forward in the license agreements.

Support, comments, questions, suggestions, etc.

You can contact Simon Pittman, who runs this web site, by leaving a comment on any of the posts or sending an e-mail to simon@libraryplayer.co.uk

You should receive a response within 2 working days. During weekends and holiday periods, it may take even longer. However, all comments and e-mails will be read.

While every effort will be made to respond to any comments and e-mails, there is no obligation to do so.

Comments made on the web site

Any comments left on this web site are the views of their appropriate authors, and do not represent the views of Simon Pittman.

Comments deemed to be offensive, abusive, illegal, or any other inappropriate comments should not be left on this web site, and will be removed – where appropriate they will also be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Membership of Facebook groups

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Advice provided within the group (or any content a post provides a link to) should not be an alternative to seeking professional or legal advice, you follow the steps at your own risk and the owners of the business can not be held liable.

Written material - including blog posts, books, comments, etc.

Any advice provided within any blog post or book should never be seen as an alternative to seeking legal or professional advice/help. You implement any steps or actions at your own risk, and the business owner can not be held liable.


This web site may contain screenshots of third-party products, particularly the technical documentation. The software that appears in those screenshots are the copyright of their respective owners. Simon Pittman is in no way part of or associated with the developers of these products, and the screenshots are provided for informative purposes only.

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If you provide a link to our web site, you can let us know by e-mailing simon@libraryplayer.co.uk – we may even link to your web site from this one (although there is no obligation to do so).