In addition to software, this web site contains technical information and documentation, most of this documentation is free for personal and charitable use.

Why do we have a donate button?

If you use any of the software or documentation for personal use (or any of our software that is free for personal use) consider giving a donation to the author/developer (Simon Pittman) if you find them useful.

This helps support and encourage further work, and helps cover costs of time, materials, etc.  Therefore the donate button makes this possible.

Why consider donating?

A lot of time and effort has been made in putting together the software and technical documentation available on the web site. Donating helps pay for the time taken to create these, and encourages further development and technical information to be written for the web site.

When a product is created and made available free of charge, not only is it likely that the developer will not make any money from that product, they can potentially lose money as well due to the cost of developing the product!

It also helps ensure that the items available free of charge can continue to be available free of charge.

You can donate whatever amount you feel is appropriate – whether that is £3, £10 or any other amount.

With software, what is the difference between purchasing a commercial license and donating?

Some (but not all) of the software available on this web site is free for personal use.

If you are using any such software for personal or charitable use and you wish to purchase a commercial license anyway, then you may do so. Those who have purchased commercial licenses get priority when dealing with support enquiries.

If you don't like using PayPal...

We understand that some people do not like using PayPal. If you would prefer to send a cheque, e-mail for an address to send a cheque.