Monday 4 June 2012

Intranet Site

Our Intranet site package allows staff to access important documents and facilities from home or anywhere in the world where there is Internet access. This includes...

Book rooms, computers and equipment with our booking facility.

Access important documents and information, that can be easily uploaded/removed by authorised staff.

Playlist Creation
Users of the Library Player can create playlists over the Internet. If you use other software, we can tailor the web site to work with those packages.

Database Search
Easily search any databases, including music databases, from home or anywhere else. Those responsible for managing databases can even add or change certain elements from anywhere!

Fault Logging
Your technical staff can easily keep track of technical faults and issues. Your staff can report faults, and your technicians can then update the log when the fault is repaired.

We tailor our Intranet software for each of our clients, ensuring it meets your requirements, and can even give it the same look and feel as your public web site. If there is a facility you would like on your Intranet web site, let us know and we will do our best to develop it for you.

Installation Service & Support
We offer an installation service, and can help you source server hardware and/or hosting if required. We also provide e-mail and telephone support.

  • Ideal for broadcasters, small businesses and voluntary organisations.
  • Easy to administrate and manage, with control over who has access.
  • Easy to use, even by people with little computer skills.

Further Information & Purchasing
Get in touch to discuss your requirements and pricing. The software is available at a discounted rate or free of charge for registered charities, depending on the amount of customisation required.

For further information and to discuss pricing, contact Simon Pittman by e-mailing