Monday 20 August 2012

Library Player - User Guide - Appearance Settings

Station Name - you can display the name of your station (or any other information) in Library Player's titlebar. Show Station Name Only displays only the station name and not the Library Player title.

Hide Settings Menu - hides the Settings menu to deter staff from changing the settings. If the Settings menu is not visible, you can access the settings by pressing SHIFT+CTRL+F12.

Fast Jingles - whether the Fast Jingles are visible by default (staff can still select the option in the View menu). You can also set whether the keypad part of the fast jingles is visible.

Default Font - default font size of text within the Playlist and Library (as well as the hints that appear when you put your mouse pointer over an item). Your staff can change the font size from the View menu, which does not change this default setting.

Layout - where the Fast Jingles, Library and Playlist buttons (e.g. Play/Pause/etc.) appear on the screen.