Monday 20 August 2012

Library Player - User Guide - Behaviour Settings

Open/Save Folders - when you open/save files, these are the default folders the open/save boxes will go to. In other words, these are the folders you want your staff to save playlists, fast jingles, saved settings and library lists.

File Options - set whether staff are able to open and save files, whether Library Player remembers the items in the Playlist and Fast Jingles when it is next opened and whether the whether the Add From File option in the Playlist menu is enabled (i.e. staff can add audio files not available in the library).

Exit - sets whether to get the user to confirm before exiting the software, and prevent exiting while a track is playing.

Default Single Play - if the Single Play option in the Playlist menu is set by default.

20 Second Warning - whether the Playlist's grid buttons and fast jingles change to a dark green colour when there is 20 seconds or less remaining.

Playback - Set various options, including the default time display and how certain keys and buttons behave.