Monday 20 August 2012

Library Player - User Guide - Playlist Menu

Add To Playlist

Add the item currently selected in the library to the end of the playlist. You can also add a track to the playlist by double clicking the item in the library or dragging the item across.

Add Before Current Item

Add the item currently selected in the library to the playlist, so it is before the currently selected playlist item.

Add From File

Browse your computer and/or network for an audio file to add to the playlist. This is useful if you have an audio file not available in the Library.

Add All

Add all the tracks currently visible in the library to the playlist.

Remove From Playlist

Remove the selected track from the playlist. You can also remove tracks by dragging them back to the Library.

Remove All

Remove all the tracks from the playlist. Unlike the Clear All option in the File menu, this effects the playlist only, and not the Fast Jingles.

Move Up / Move Down

Move the selected playlist item up or down the playlist. You can also move tracks by dragging them up and down.


Displays a four track mixer, allowing you to adjust the audio levels for currently playing tracks, for example this can be used to fade out tracks.

Track Information

Display information about the selected playlist item, e.g. album name, year, comments and length.

Total Time

Display the total amount of items in the playlist and their total time.

Single Play

Set whether the playlist will stop playing once a track has finished, or if the next track will start playing. When Single Play is off, the background in the List view changes to a cyan colour.

Not all options may be available, depending on how the software is set up – see the Settings section of this user guide for further details.