Saturday 18 August 2012

Library Player - version 2.2 - License Agreement

By installing and using the software, you state that you agree to the terms and conditions of this license agreement.

If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of this license agreement, then you can not install or use this software.

The software, including all files and documentation provided with it, remains the property and copyright of Simon Pittman (identified throughout the rest of this document as "the developer").


You are granted a license to install and use the software on 1 computer only, or for the appropriate number of computers for which you have purchased licenses.

When you first run the software, you will be given a serial code. E-mail the serial code to to receive a license key that will activate the software.

You can not install or copy the software to additional computers or workstations without the purchase of additional licenses.

You can not sell, re-sell, rent, distribute, redistribute, reverse engineer or modify the software or any of its files in any form, either directly or indirectly.

If you install the software on a server with the intention to run the software on workstations across a network (i.e. the software runs on workstations across the network but actually installed on a server), you will still be required to purchase the appropriate number of licenses for the workstations in which the software will run, in addition to the license for the server.


While the software has been thoroughly tested and every effort made to ensure it is free from defects and faults, the developer shall not accept any liability for any damages or loss caused as a result of using the software.


The software can not be used for illegal activities. You are responsible for ensuring compliance to laws in your country, state and/or region. In the unlikely event that you cannot comply with any part of this license agreement due to legal restrictions, you must still ensure compliance to the remainder of the license agreement.


You can transfer a license to another computer, provided copies of the software is removed from the computer you are transferring the license from before installing on the new computer. Be aware that you will be required to reactivate the software, and the developer has the right to carry out checks to ensure you are within the correct number of licenses before sending a new license key.

Licenses can not be transferred to any other individual or organisation without the written permission of the developer.

If you dispose of computer equipment, you must ensure copies of the software is removed from that equipment before disposal, and it is recommended you erase the disk drive(s) of any computer you dispose.


As part of purchasing the license(s) you can receive product support via e-mail for 12 months starting from the purchase of the license. If you purchase additional support services, for example enhanced technical support, remote or telephone support, etc. these will be subject to separate terms and conditions.

Support may not be provided if you run or attempt to run the software on unsupported platforms, or carry out actions not advised in the software documentation, product web site or in correspondence. Support will not be provided if you take action that voids any warranty on the software.

Correspondence may be discontinued where communications are deemed to be abusive or offensive, and those communications may also be reported to the appropriate authorities.

You can receive free updates to later versions of the software released within 12 months of purchasing the software license. This is not a guarantee that a future version will be released during that time - the aim is that you do not purchase a software license only to find a later version is released shortly after. This offer may be withdrawn for those purchasing licenses for this version of the software after the release of any future version. Upgrading using this offer will count as a continuation of the terms of this offer, will not necessarily entitle you to offers included as part of a license for any future version, and the update to any future version will replace the license(s) for this version.

Future versions of the software may be subject to different license terms and conditions, which will apply should you upgrade to that later version. There is no obligation for you to upgrade to later versions of the software.


Your use of the software does not represent an endorsement by the developer for you, your organisation, products or services. The developer reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this license agreement at any time, and where appropriate you will be notified of any changes.

You must not carry out any action, either directly or indirectly, that brings the developer or any of their associates into disrepute, or that acts against their interests.


You are responsible for ensuring compliance to the terms of this license agreement. In the event of non compliance, legal action may be taken. Where appropriate, the developer may also report this to relevant authorities and/or organisations.

If you install and use the software within an organisation or group, the organisation shall be identified as the licensee, and therefore is responsible for ensuring compliance to the license agreement. In this situation you are accepting the terms and conditions of this license agreement on behalf of your organisation, and by accepting you state that you are in a position to do so (for example you are the organisation's IT Manager or contractor), and that the organisation shall ensure compliance to and enforce the license agreement.

The developer reserves the right to suspend or terminate your license to use the software in the event of this license not being complied with. Any payment(s) for the license will not be refunded, other then those specified by law.

This license agreement covers only the software and all included files, and other services/products, for example installation or additional technical support, may be subject to separate terms and conditions, which you will be made aware of when using these services.


If you have purchased site and/or volume licenses for your organisation, you will be subject to additional terms and conditions which will be included with the documentation provided with the site/volume license.


Terms and conditions of this license still apply to customised versions of the software, regardless of whether payment has been made for any customisations. Customised versions of the software shall not be considered "work made for hire" and shall remain the exclusive property and copyright of the developer, and subject to the same terms and conditions of this license agreement.

The software and any modifications or customisation remain the copyright of the developer. You will not be entitled to the source code or any intellectual property related to the modifications/customisations. The developer reserves the right to incorporate modifications/customisations into future versions of the software or any other product.


Personal license is a license to install and use the software on a computer in your home for the personal use of yourself and other members of your household. Sole traders and self employed people are not covered by a personal license, and therefore should purchase a commercial license.

Commercial license is a license to use the software for commercial or any other use.

You are responsible for ensuring that you obtain the correct license(s).


At the developers discretion, registered charities may receive a discount on purchasing licenses if using the software on 10 or less computer workstations, with the exception of laptops, netbooks and other mobile computers/devices, for which commercial licenses must be purchased as per the usual terms and conditions. Charities wishing to use the software on mobile devices or over 10 computers must purchase commercial licenses as per the usual terms and conditions for each computer.

This discount applies only to registered charities for copies of software installed at the charities registered address, and the software must only be used by the charity for the benefit of achieving their aims and objectives. The software can only be installed on computer hardware permanently located at the charities registered address and belonging to that charity.

Members, trustees, volunteers or any other person, organisation or group associated with the registered charity will not be entitled to licenses using this discount. Licenses can not be transferred to any of the organisation's volunteers, members or any other organisation or individual. If any individual or organisation wishes to use the software outside of the charity and their registered address, for example on a home computer, they must purchase their own licenses for the software under the usual terms and conditions of this license agreement.

Charities may receive receive very limited e-mail support. The charity will not be eligible for any other support as detailed in the "Support & Updates" section, including free updates for future releases. Charities wishing to receive support are advised to purchase commercial licenses under the usual terms and conditions of this license agreement, or to negotiate a support contract with the developer.


If you have any questions, enquiries or require any clarification, e-mail