Wednesday 7 December 2016

Pittman MusicDB 6

This version of Pittman MusicDB is no longer available - click here for more information on our latest version.

Pittman MusicDB helps you to catalogue your music tracks, including CDs, records, digital tracks and anything else you may have in your music collection!

Ideal for use by broadcasters, home use and any other situation requiring professional music catalogue software. It includes:
  • Highlight tracks you are interested in.
  • Import data from CD info on the web, MP3 files and CSV files.
  • Catalogue tracks for multiple stations/music collections.
  • Add up to two additional fields.
  • Print search results.
  • Easily find recently added tracks.
  •  Store your database on your desktop or a server.

Version 6 includes the option to add two additional fields, improvements to the spacing of columns and set which columns are visible in search results - further details can be found in the product documentation.

 Price: £75 per computer

A free trial is available.