Wednesday 5 September 2018

Saving a list of audio files to a text file

You need to save a list of audio files to a text or CSV file – perhaps for importing into a database, e-mailing a list of your tracks to a friend or for organising your music. Whatever your reasons, MP3 List makes getting a list of your audio files really easy.

MP3 List supports MP3 files, WMA files and WAV files. For MP3 and WMA files, it can use the track information (e.g. artist, title, album, year, etc.) within the files to create the list, and with WAV files uses the information within the filenames.

Step 1

Download and install MP3 List – you can try MP3 List for free for up to 28 days (the trial can list up to 500 tracks at a time – the full version does not have this limit).

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Step 2

From the top toolbar, select the folder containing your audio file by clicking the yellow folder icon.

Step 3

Click the Save List button at the bottom, and select where you wish to save the list and the filename.

You can also select whether to save the list as a CSV file (which you can open in many spreadsheet applications including Excel and OpenOffice – and includes all the columns you see in the MP3 List screen) or a text file (which will just contain a list of filenames).

And that's it! Whether you are doing this as a one-off, or need to carry out this task on a regular basis, MP3 List can save you a significant amount of time, and makes getting a list of your audio files really easy.

MP3 List also contains a wealth of formatting and editing options, including filtering particular files, editing rows before saving and much more – its worth spending some time experimenting with the different features of MP3 List.

And if you have any questions about the software, or wondering if it can carry out a particular task, send them to:

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