Monday 10 September 2018

Music Scheduling – posting a playlist to your blog or Facebook page

Music Scheduling helps you create hours of playlists within minutes – and is ideal for preparing a playlist for a show, off air output or an event.

You may wish to post your playlist on a Facebook page, or in a blog, and Music Scheduling includes an option to help make this task really easy!

Step 1

If you haven't already done so, download Music Scheduling – you can use the software for free for up to 24 days (there are no obligations, and you don't need to give us an e-mail address) before buying the full version.

Step 2

Create your playlist – just add the tracks (or folders containing the tracks that can be used) to the Available Tracks, set the Playlist Length (in the Options section) and click Create Playlist.

Step 3

Go to the File menu and select Text/HTML Playlist.

You will then be presented with a plain text list of your playlist, with options for HTML versions, which you can copy and paste into your blog or social media.

Step 4

Select the version of the list you want – often a text version will be suitable for pasting directly into a Facebook post, or a WordPress blog when editing in the visual editor.

The HTML options are ideal if you want HTML code for copying and pasting into a blog – the blog editor will often have a HTML view when editing which you will need to use. The advantage of the HTML options is you have HTML code for presenting the list as a table, or a numbered list.

You can experiment with the different versions in the list to see which works best for your blog.

Click the Copy button for the version of the list you wish to copy.

Step 5

In Facebook or WordPress, create a new post, and right click where you would type the post and select Paste.

In WordPress, if you are posting the Text version of the list, make sure you are using the Visual view of the editor. If you are posting one of the HTML options, paste from the HTML view.

And finally...

Here's how the playlist looks in a WordPress blog (both as a HTML table and list):

If you have any questions or comments about the above, or questions about how to carry out any other task in Music Scheduling, e-mail: