Monday 22 February 2021

Pittman MusicDB 2021

Catalogue and organise your CDs, records, digital tracks and other music with Pittman MusicDB.
Someone searching through their record collection.

Keep track of your large music collection, and easily find which CD has the track you are looking for.

Organising your different music tracks? Overwhelmed by your large music collection? Are your presenters struggling to find the music they'd like to use for their shows? Manage your music collection and find the tracks you'd like to use for your shows.


Ideal for home studios, community radio, student radio and hospital radio...

  • Don't spend hours typing! Catalogue your CDs without any typing using the "Import CD Info" option - insert the CD into your CD drive, and it will try and find the track information for you!
  • Import existing data from CSV files and audio file info.
  • Highlight tracks you are interested in - helpful for putting together a playlist or to bookmark tracks that you are interested in.
  • Catalogue tracks for multiple stations or music collections.
  • Add up to two additional fields/columns.
  • Quickly list tracks you've recently catalogued - perfect for staff who want to see what's new within your music collection.
  • Search all fields, with more specific search options (e.g. between years, for a specific artist, etc.) available.
  • Display statistics for your music collection - including finding out how many unique tracks (excluding duplicates) you have within your music collection.
  • Customise and change the columns displayed within your search results.
  • Option to open a web browser and search the web for more information on that item - useful for researching shows or finding out more about an artist or song.
  • Store your data on your desktop or a server.

No subscriptions, and you don't need constant internet access to use the software (the only feature that requires Internet access is the option to import CD info). No additional software is required to run Pittman MusicDB (unless you choose to store your data in an SQL Server database).

Improvements in the 2021 release include: words in keyword searches don't need to appear together in search results, a version that can be tried without installing, default database used for importing CD data from web changed following closure of FreeDB, improvements to contacting product support from within the software, option to edit data in current search results and help buttons within different sections.

Try the software for free for up to one month - there are no obligations, no spyware, no registrations and you don't even need to provide your e-mail address.

Price: £65.00 per computer

Includes 12 months product support direct from the developer, and updates to any new version of Pittman MusicDB released during that time.

You can purchase the software using the "Buy Now" buttons within the trial, or from this page - we use FastSpring to securely handle payments and orders.

We can help you transfer your existing data across or move over from another music catalogue application - to discuss further e-mail: