Sunday 18 July 2021

Setting up a home studio? We develop a range of audio software!

Whether you need to create hours of playlists within minutes, or need playout software that can get you up and running without messing around with databases, we have a range of audio and broadcasting applications for your requirements!

Everything you expect - without the complicated setup!

Ideal for home studios, community radio and hospital broadcasting.

Create hours of playlists in minutes with our music scheduling software

Just add the tracks you want to use, and click Create Playlist. With options for setting spacing, rules, identifying similar artists and setting the sequence items. Much more then a simple shuffle feature! Playlists can be used in a range of audio and playout software.

Download Music Scheduling

Manage and save a list of audio files to a text or CSV file

In MP3 List, just select your folder, click Save and type in your filename - that's it! Whether you want to import items into a database, or e-mail a list of music to friends. Includes formatting and some file management options.

Download MP3 List

Catalogue and organise your CD and music collection

Whether you have tracks stored on CDs, records, or even tapes, Pittman MusicDB makes it easy to catalogue your music collection, and make it easy for DJs and staff to find tracks for their shows. With a range of search options, plus options to import CD information from the web.

Download Pittman MusicDB

Library Player Playout

Our lightweight playout software that can be up and running within minutes - no need to set up complicated databases, just tell the software where your tracks are stored, and you are ready to go! Contains features found in many larger applications, without the bloat or large setup overheads.

Download Library Player Playout

Time items for your shows

Much more then a simple countdown timer - Timing Clock includes options to calculate timings, change the time display without changing the system time (ideal when pre-recording shows and including time checks!) and many more options.

Download Timing Clock

All our broadcasting products are available to purchase as a bundle - click here for more information!

Download free trials of all the above products - no obligations, no need to register before downloading, and we won't ask for your e-mail address!

Can't find what you need? Contact us at to discuss further, and we'll find the right software for you!