Saturday 17 July 2021

Music Scheduling 2022

Create hours of playlists within minutes.

Whether you want to put together music for a show, or prepare a long playlist for off air output, Music Scheduling can help you put together your playlists and save you lots of time.

Main Music Scheduling window with a created playlist

Much more then a simple "shuffle" feature - Music Scheduling can set spacing for different artists and albums, create rules, and identify similar artists - helping you create a professionally created playlist.

Getting started is really easy - just add any tracks (or folders containing tracks) that the software can choose from, and then click "Create Playlist"!

The software can save you a significant amount of time - you can have a playlist within a few seconds without having to put the items together yourself. Just add the tracks you wish to make available for use in your playlist and then click Create Playlist to generate a new list.

You can save and use the created playlists with Library Player Playout and many third party audio players.

Music Scheduling window with options to edit sequence item
Stock image of a laptop and headphones

Ideal for those looking for a music scheduling/playlist generating application, but do not wish to have the features or complexity of larger music scheduling applications. Ideal for home studios, DJs, hospital, community and student broadcasters.

Music Scheduling window with options to set playlist length and spacing

Music Scheduling is easy to use – you can be up and running using the software within minutes to create your playlists!

A free 28 day trial is available - no obligations, and you don't need to register or give us your e-mail address!

Music Scheduling window with similar artist and track title information

Improvements in the 2022 release include the options to set playlist length in hours, create a playlist with the maximum number of items (e.g. for quick off air output playlists), improvements to help for new users of the software and various minor improvements.

Stock image of someone using a computer.

Some of the ways our Music Scheduling software can help you create playlists include...
  • Set spacing between the same artists, years and more.
  • Identify similar artists and track titles (e.g. ensuring Robbie Williams and Take That are considered as the same artist when creating a playlist).
  • Set the sequence/rotation of playlist items.
  • Schedule items to be added at particular intervals.
  • Set and enforce rules for your playlists (e.g. A lists, etc.)
  • Options to help you produce voice tracked shows.
  • Log your history of saved playlists, and check the history when creating new playlists.
  • Create HTML or text versions of your playlists for copying and pasting into blogs, websites, etc.
  • Compatible with many leading audio players and playout systems.

Music Scheduling window with Sequence options

Save a significant amount of time putting your playlists together - so you can focus on presenting your shows or managing your radio station.

Price: £85.00 (including VAT) per computer
Includes 12 months product support/updates.