Wednesday 14 July 2021

Library Player Playout 2022

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Library Player Playout is an audio playout software, ideal for home studios, hospital/community radio and small startup broadcasters.

Everything you expect from leading systems, without the complicated setup. 

Supports multiple libraries, multiple outputs and easily customisable.

No need to set up complicated databases - just tell Library Player Playout where your tracks are stored and you are up and running.

Library Player Playout main screen
Radio studio with On Air sign and microphone
Playout software with a list of tracks playing

No fuss, no hassle - helping you present and broadcast your shows - all your tracks easily available and ready to play.

Supports multiple sound cards/outputs, quickly search for tracks using a range of options, track info using the information stored within audio files, mix and play multiple tracks at the same time, support for M3U and PLS files and fader/remote start using your computers joystick input.

We don't just supply you with software and then forget about you - you'll receive product support and help - direct from the developer. We can also help with installation and enhanced support - if you would like to discuss further, or have any questions about Library Player Playout, contact Simon Pittman at:

Radio presenter in a studio
Playout software displaying playlist and Quick Play items

Improvements in the 2022 release include options to run third party tools from within the software (e.g. an audio editor to edit tracks in your playlist) and improvements to product help.

Playout software grid view with play controls buttons

Library Player Playout contains everything you expect from other leading playout systems, without the complicated setup or bloat. Its also really easy to use with minimal or no training.

You can be up and running and using Library Player Playout to present your shows within a few minutes.

Playout software track info display

Price: £95 per computer.
Includes 3 months product support from the developer, and updates to any new version of Library Player Playout released during that time.
Our prices are comparable to other playout systems, and there are no subscriptions (continue using the software, even after the support period ends).
DownloadPurchase Library Player Commercial Edition

Playout window displaying tracks in a grid of buttons.
Hands using a mixing desk in a radio studio

Try the software for free for up to one month!

No obligations, you don't have to register or give us your e-mail address, and we certainly won't install any spyware/nasties. Download your free trial and start using Library Player Playout to present your shows!

DownloadPurchase Library Player Commercial Edition