Tuesday 21 October 2014

Timing Clock 2

Price: £29.99 per computer, free personal edition/trial

This version is no longer available. Find out more about our latest version.

The Timing Clock displays a small clock on the screen, and includes...

  • Timing calculator to help with timings, with the clock changing colour depending on how close you are to the item you have timed.
  • Change the time displayed on the clock without changing the system time – useful when recording a show, as you can have the clock display the time your show is actually broadcast.
  • Display a countdown timer similar to a stopwatch.
  • Set up reminders to be displayed at particular times, and open/save these reminders.
  • Option to set the Timing Clock to always be visible over other applications, useful if your audio player does not include a clock!

Originally designed for broadcasters, you can use the Timing Clock in any other situation that requires these features, for example public speaking.

The Timing Clock is available for Windows and Linux.

Improvements in version 2

Improvements in version 2 of the Timing Clock include: a version of the software for Linux, improvements to the design/layout of reminders, a countdown timer option and remembering whether the “always visible” option is selected.

Personal Edition

Available free of charge, the Personal Edition runs for up to 2 hours each time and displays a message when you start the application.

Commercial Edition

Consider upgrading to the Commercial Edition to remove the personal edition's limits, remove the personal edition message, receive product support and 12 months of updates.  You will also be supporting further development of the Timing Clock and other applications.

Price: £29.99 per computer

This version is no longer available. Click here to find out more about the latest version of Timing Clock.